Collage of my baccarat successThe year was 2007 when I first set foot inside one of the casinos in Macau. My trip was both business and pleasure with the former as my primary interest. The atmosphere inside a casino is overwhelming — glitzy, bright lights, mesmerizing decors, non-stop shows & music for all generations, buffet food, overflowing drinks, hotel accommodations, beautiful & sociable people, and “other” casino surprises. To sum it up, the good life at its finest.

But what got me interested was the fast bucks that you can win playing different casino games. Of all the casino games I was exposed to during my trip (slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, poker), I found baccarat to be the simplest and the fairest table game to play with a very low house edge.

We all know the saying “beginner’s luck.” You’ll here these words from first time casino player who tasted his first win in any casino game. The feeling of euphoria usually accompanies this individual. I was one of them. How can I forget my first baccarat experience when I’ve won $2,000 in less than an hour of play?

Holding my $1,000 worth of chips, I sat on a baccarat table that was just starting. With just the basic knowledge about the game, I asked the old man, who was sitting beside me, what strategy, if there was any, to employ on my first bet. He smiled and told me, “In my 40 years of gambling, I always bet on the winner.”

“Wow, 40 years! This guy must have accumulated lots of wisdom about gambling,” I told myself.

At that time, the Player side won the hand. So common sense told me that I should place my $100 wager on the Player next play. And so, I did. What put me into state of shock was not the first bet that I’ve won but the succeeding bets that followed.

The Player side won 20 more consecutive bets! By that time, lots of people were crowding our table. We were like rock stars being mob by our fans. Well, I must admit, I liked the attention of that short moment. When the Player finally busted, my seatmates stood up and went to another table. I was left alone in ecstasy.

“Sir, are you going to continue playing?” The pretty dealer asked.

“Should I?” I replied.

“If I were you sir, I will cash out. That’s a lot of money in less than an hour of play.” She commented.

“Great idea!” I said.

So, I walked in right at the cashier’s cage with a big smile on my face. Beginner’s luck, huh?

Back to my hotel room, I couldn’t sleep. The euphoria of doubling your capital in less than an hour kept me awake. What if I played 6-8 hours a day like any other job? How much can I earn in a day? week? month? year? Can I treat this as a business? Can I make a living playing in casinos just like the old man? Can I beat this game consistently? Lots of questions and ideas flowed in my mind. I was convinced at once that a winning strategy could be devised. A strategy more rational than “staying with the winner.” A strategy based on the mathematics & psychology of the game. So, I started an intensive study of the game of baccarat.

My very FIRST year of playing baccarat was a COMPLETE MESS! I tried almost every system & strategy that was endorsed by these so-called baccarat gurus on the net and I even joined different baccarat forums but NONE of them WORKED. All of them just gave me FALSE HOPE.

SICK, TIRED, and FRUSTRATED on all these BS, I STUDIED and RESEARCHED the COMPLEXITIES of every system & strategy that I came across. I IMMERSED myself into the world of casino gaming to understand better the PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, and FINANCIAL aspect of the game. I FORCED myself to study the MATHEMATICS & PSYCHOLOGY behind baccarat.

Until one day…

The UNSOLVABLE in baccarat became SOLVABLE.

In my SECOND year of playing baccarat, I APPLIED my DISCOVERY. Little by little, I started to PAY-OFF my DEBTS and RECOVERED my FINANCIAL LOSSES.

My THIRD year was the start of my DEBT-FREE year. Steadily, I learned what FINANCIAL FREEDOM meant in the real world. At this point, my LEVEL of CONFIDENCE on my baccarat plays were SKYHIGH.

In my FOURTH year, I was attracting “casino attention.” This became a CHALLENGING year because faced with no other option, the casinos were releasing highest level deck combinations as a countermeasure to system-players like me. However, this adjustments DID NOT AFFECT my METHODS in any way but it added NEW DIMENSIONS to my baccarat plays.

Alvin in casual clothes

“My baccarat journey was priceless.”

I, together with my TEAM, started to PLAY other people’s bankroll in my FIFTH year. I was BANKROLLED by TWO MULTI-MILLIONAIRES in exchange for first-hand information about my methodologies. Fortunately (remember this word), my Team was BANNED from playing baccarat in one of the casinos in Asia when they found out our connection with these 2 multi-millionaires. This event SOLIDIFY my methods thus I used the word “fortunately.”

My SIXTH year  was the MOST SATISFYING and EXCITING year of my baccarat life. My TEAM and I WON 7 STRAIGHT DAYS EMPTYING the baccarat tables’ money tray. This is baccarat version of “BREAKING the BANK.”

These events have PROVEN that my METHODS are ROCK-SOLID to withstand the adjustments made by different casinos to system-players like me.

I DO NOT NEED 30 YEARS of baccarat experience TO SOLVE the UNSOLVABLE in baccarat. All it took was 2 years of serious baccarat plays, 2 multi-millionaires who bankrolled my methodologies, and 2 dialogues with casino personnel as to why my Team and I will be refused entry to their casinos.

This 2017, I am EQUALLY EXCITED. My GOAL is to TEACH my rock-solid methodologies to SERIOUS INDIVIDUALS around the world who wanted to play baccarat for a living like me. Thus, the birth of

Believe me my friend, the game of baccarat could be beaten. I’m on my 10th year of playing baccarat professionally. I’m one of the living testimonies that the game is beatable.

By the way, 10 years ago, I FIRED MY BOSS!


To your baccarat success,

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